EuroVote is a tool that lets you easily prepare and execute a voting on virtually anything! The grading scale, the items you vote on, the list of jurors – all of that can be configured as you want! After you create an admin account, you'll be able to sumbit jurors' votes yourself or to generate links that allow everybody to vote on their own.

EuroVote is light, quick, intuitive and reliable!

Do you manage an Eurovision-like contest? EuroVote should become its official voting system! It contains all you need for that purpose! Eurovision's grading scale is set as a default, ties are resolved based on number of highest scores, all countries and dependent teritories (with their flags) are available in EuroVote's database, the results can be shown as a table, full grid, or as a highly customizable Eurovision voting simulation, and the interface is friendly and clear.

The app is currently in a closed beta state. Post us your email address, if you want to get notified, when the registration is available.